Artist Statement

Continuing in the tradition of re-photographic projects, we use the Internet and immersive travel simulators, such as Google Street View and Bing Streetside, to virtually journey to sites where iconic images from the history of photography and cinema were created. Photography, cinema, and newer technologies like Street View share a relation as mediums that have been used as surrogates for travel and a way of augmenting our lived experience. While serving a similar impulse, each platform delivers its own unique perception of reality. In choreographing a mashup of content that offers varied perspectives of a place, we overlay the iconic image with the virtual landscape and then, relying on the vernacular of the digital image, allow an intelligent computer process to determine how those two sets of information will interact and composite.

To further the dialogue between the camera’s witnessing of the physical landscape and the mediated experience of its virtual equivalent, the images are written back into by glitching them with information gathered while researching the locations of the photographs. Navigating the Internet to find these locations is an exercise in traversing a hyperlinked set of stories, dead ends, data sets, news accounts, and testimonies. These signposts are presented below the image in an arrangement that produces a dialogue between the physical world and the datastream, past and present, banality and spectacle, filmic narratives and anonymous landscapes, amongst many other unanticipated relations. We seek to leverage these complex layers of mediation in creating a new form of image that asks questions about our experience or non-experience of places through the proxy of the electronic image.

Street Scene is an ongoing collaboration currently comprised of 25-30 completed works. The finished works are exhibited on non-destructive adhesive inkjet fabric in order to best approximate the flatness of a screen.


JON HORVATH’s interdisciplinary practice adapts systems-based strategies to photography, performance, and new media works. His work is influenced by American literature, pop culture, and his interest in experimenting with narrative strategies within transmedia projects. Horvath received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2008, and a BAS in both English Literature and the History of Philosophy from Marquette University in 2001. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in venues including: The Print Center (Philadelphia), FIESP Cultural Centre (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Gyeonggi Art Center (Suwon, South Korea), OFF Piotrkowska (Lodz, Poland), Newspace Center for Photography (Portland), the Haggerty Museum of Art (Milwaukee), INOVA (Milwaukee), Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and Johalla Projects (Chicago). His work is currently held in the permanent collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Haggerty Museum of Art, and is included in the Midwest Photographers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Horvath has been a full-time Interim Associate Professor in the New Studio Practice program at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design since 2015.

HANS GINDLESBERGER lives and works in upstate New York. His work covers a broad range of photographic thinking and making. While remaining uncommitted to a singular approach or aesthetic, his practice is anchored to an ongoing interest in places, whether real, manufactured, or imaginary, and in playful subversions of the photographic process. His projects, spanning photography, video, installation, and new media, have been exhibited at over 120 exhibitions across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He has lectured and given visiting artist seminars at universities and galleries throughout the United States and at international conferences. Many projects or single images have also been featured in magazines, books, textbooks, and exhibition catalogs. Gindlesberger received his MFA in photography from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2006 and is currently Assistant Professor of Photography at Binghamton University in New York.