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Suzanne Vega & Duncan Sheik: Songs from New York City - From Bleecker Street to Broadway

Suzanne Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival of the early 1980s. In performances devoid of outward drama that nevertheless convey deep emotion, Vega’s distinctive voice has been described as “plaintive but disarmingly powerful.” She has sold more than seven million albums and has been nominated for seven Grammy awards. Her song “Luka” about child abuse was a surprise hit and won MTV’s Best Female Video Award. Visit

An American singer-songwriter and composer, Duncan Sheik’s self-titled 1996 debut album remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for a record-setting 55 straight weeks. “In the decade of grunge, diva anthems, and the Macarena, Sheik’s 1996 breakthrough single ‘Barely Breathing’ was contemplative and literate” (NPR). Sheik has since composed the music for the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit Spring Awakening and won a Grammy award for the Spring Awakening cast album. His recent musical thriller, American Psycho, premiered in London in 2014, and his newly released album, Legerdemain, has been described as “a free-floating feeling while musing on nothing less than humanity’s place in the universe” (NPR). Visit