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BTC: Warriors Don't Cry


Grades 5 & up, 65 minutes
Produced By: Holden & Arts Associates

In 1957, the Little Rock Nine risked their lives and ended segregation at Central High School. Their struggle changed America. Melba Pattillo Beals was one of those nine. This is her story in her own words. One actress embodies many roles as she leads the audience on an educational, emotional and inspiring journey.

Curriculum Connections: ELA, History/Civil Rights/Social Justice, Community Values
Common Core: RL.5-8.3; RL.5-7.5; RL.8.6; RL.5-8.7; RL.5-8.10; RI.5-8.7; W.6-8.2a; SL.6-8.2; SL.5-8.5; L.5.3; L.5.3b; RL.11-12.3; RL.9-12.7; RL.9-12.10; RI.9-12.7; SL.9-12.2; SL.9-12.5; W.9-12.2a

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BTC: Warriors Don't Cry
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