The Phantom Tollbooth
Enchantment Theatre Company
An original stage adaptation of the beloved classic by Norton Juster, with illustrations by Jules Feiffer

October 11, 2018 • 10am & Noon
The Harris Theater

Milo didn’t know what to do with himself—not just sometimes, but always. Even surrounded by dozens of toys, he is bored. One day, a phantom tollbooth appears, and Milo embarks on a journey to a strange world of kings, dreams, and princesses of rhyme and reason. Knee-deep in danger, language, and math, Milo learns that everything has a purpose. Based on the venerated children’s book by Norton Juster, a young boy’s magical journey proves that, with a little imagination, life is the greatest adventure of all!

Recommended for Grades 1-6
Estimated Running Time: 60 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Geography/Map Skills, Language Arts/Literature, Social Studies/History


Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries
Cahoots NI

November 1, 2018 • 10am & Noon
The Harris Theater

All Danny Carmo ever wanted was to be a famous magician. He thought school and, in particular, math were not for him—until he realized that math was the SECRET to magic. Prepare to be amazed, dazzled, and bewildered by this spectacular show where math, theatre, and digital technology collide to create a fun and interactive performance proving that understanding math can be fun!

Recommended for Grades 2-6
Estimated Running Time: 60 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Mathematics, Performing Arts, Technology


Your Alien
Based on the award-winning book by Tammi Sauer, with illustrations by Goro Fujita

February 12, 2019 • 10am & Noon
The Harris Theater

One day, you’ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way … and you will want to keep him. ArtsPower’s funny and uplifting musical about a stranded alien and the boy who must figure out how to help him shows how true friendship can last a lifetime.

Recommended for Grades PreK-2
Estimated Running Time: 55 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Literature, Language/Communication Skills, Music, Values, Family Relationships, Social Emotional Learning


42FT – A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels
Cirque Mechanics

March 11, 2019 • 10am
The Harris Theater

At the center of every circus rests a 42ft ring full of thrills, laughs, and excitement—a welcoming place where audiences of all ages can be amazed. From STEM to STEAM and filled with theatricality and circus lore, this latest invention from the creative minds of Cirque Mechanics explores the engineering and math behind the construction and design of the machines.

Recommended for all grades!
Estimated Running Time: 55 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Engineering, Design, Technology, Movement, Mathematics, Performing Arts


Diary of a Worm, a Spider, and a Fly
Dallas Theatre Company
Book, music, & lyrics by Joan Cushing
Based on the three books by Doreen Cronin, with illustrations by Harry Bliss

March 14, 2019 • 10am & Noon
The Harris Theater

Worm eats his homework, Fly believes she has superpowers, and Spider can’t wait to grow up and molt. Promoting eco-consciousness, earth science, and tolerance of others, this cool, joyful, and hip rock-n-roll musical captures all the humor and whimsy of the wildly popular books.

Recommended for Grades K-5
Estimated Running Time: 65 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Diversity and Inclusion, Performing & Visual Arts


The Three Little Pigs
Florentine Opera Company

April 2-4, 2019 • 10am & Noon*
Dawes Studio Theater**

Students will experience the magic of opera through this engaging version of the familiar tale of pigs meet wolf, set to famous opera music by well-known composers. Milwaukee’s renowned Florentine Opera Company creates an unforgettable experience that brings the richness of opera and music to children in a meaningful and understandable way.

Recommended for Grades K-4
Estimated Running Time: 50 minutes
Subjects: Literature, Performing Arts, Music Appreciation


The 5 Browns

April 12, 2019 • 10am
The Harris Theater

“One family, five pianos and 50 fingers add up to the biggest classical music sensation in years” (New York Post). Dubbed the “Fab Five” by People magazine, The 5 Browns are delivering on their dream to introduce classical music to the widest, largest, and most excited audience they can find. Students of all ages will experience the unabashed joy and love of music with a spectacular program that ranges from “Clair de Lune” to excerpts from the Star Wars soundtrack.

Recommended for all grades!
Estimated Running Time: 60 minutes
Subjects: Performing Arts, Music Appreciation, Music History

In honor of Joanne Hulce by her children

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.