Developed as a means to showcase talented guitarists between 15-30 years of age, the first-ever Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival was a multi-genre competition which featured four different categories—Rock/Blues, Fingerstyle, Jazz, and Classical. Thirty-seven guitarists from Australia, Puerto Rico, and 11 states across the US traveled to Brookfield to take part in the live, invitation-only semi-final competition rounds at the Center on Thursday, August 15. The final competition rounds took place on Saturday, August 17. Contestants competed for $22,000 in prize money and featured solo performances on the Wilson Center’s 2013-2014 Club and Starry Nights Series.


1st Place: Nemanja Ostojic • Bloomington, IN
2nd Place: Jacob Hildebrand • Gig Harbor, WA
3rd Place: Jonathan Smith • Akron, OH

Mark Akin • Tucson, AZ
Erik Anderson • Oak Park, IL
Mark Anderson • Oak Park, IL
Jack Beyler • Madison, WI
Hazen Clough • Milwaukee, WI
Louis Cucunato • Wauwatosa, WI
Stephen Fazio • Wellington, OH
Nanae Fujiwara • Prospect Heights, IL
Jacob Hildebrand • Gig Harbor, WA
Ben Minden-Birkenmaier • St. Louis, MO
Alan Nguyen • Miami, FL
Minh Nguyen • Milwaukee, WI
Nemanja Ostojic • Bloomington, IN
Garrett Pelland • Windsor Mill, MD
Gabriel Rodriguez • Banyamon, PR
Carlos Rodriguez-Quiros • Milwaukee, WI
Jonathan Smith • Akron, OH
Hector Torres • Milwaukee, WI
Xiaoxuan Wu • Chicago, IL


1st Place: Macyn Taylor • Waterford, WI
2nd Place: Brock Camden • Milwaukee, WI
3rd Place: Doug Justice • Milwaukee, WI

Gabriel Andrews • Newton, Australia
Samuel Balistreri • Milwaukee, WI
Adrian Bellue • Sacramento, CA
Brock Camden • Milwaukee, WI
Doug Justice • Milwaukee, WI
Collin McGee • Batavia, IL
Macyn Taylor • Waterford, WI


1st Place: Akira Ishiguro • Brooklyn, NY
2nd Place: Christopher Newlin • Menomonee Falls, WI
3rd Place: Brandon Miller • Pewaukee, WI

Dustin DeGolier • Comstock, WI
Akira Ishiguro • Brooklyn, NY
Matthew MacDougall • Bloomington, IN
Jonathan Meier • LaCrosse, WI
Brandon Miller • Pewaukee, WI
Christopher Newlin • Menomonee Falls, WI
Kenny Reichert • Brookfield, WI
Jeff Salczenko • Jackson, WI


1st Place: Do Hoon Lee • Astoria, NY
2nd Place: Gavin Colahan • Hartland, WI
3rd Place: Jonathan Smith • Akron, OH

Gavin Colahan • Hartland, WI
Luke Fetzer • Brookfield, WI
Do Hoon Lee • Astoria, NY
Ross Machurick • Madison, WI
Jonathan Smith • Akron, OH