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Wisconsin Philharmonic A Toast to 70 Strong

Wisconsin Philharmonic A Toast to 70 Strong
October 10, 2017 @ 7:30 PM
(Pre-Concert Conversation @ 6:30 PM)

Featuring: Trio Solisti

Happy Birthday
Haydn: Symphony #70
Beethoven: Triple Concerto ~ Trio Solisti
Mendelssohn: Symphony #5 “Reformation”

Happy Birthday Wisconsin Philharmonic! To celebrate 70 years of beautiful music in Waukesha County, Trio Solisti, called “the most exciting piano trio in America” by the New Yorker, joins the orchestra in Beethoven’s “Triple” Concerto. We recognize another anniversary: 500 years of Lutheranism and Protestant Reformation. Cake will be served!

We will be joined by Pastor Aaron Christie, Trinity Lutheran Church (WELS), Waukesha and Maestro Alexander Platt of the Philharmonic, who will provide insight to the history of the music and Mendelssohn’s Lutheran faith in our special Music Uncovered pre-concert conversation beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Pastor Christie will be offering a twenty-minute pre-concert lecture on the faith of Felix Mendelssohn in the Harris Theater. Mendelssohn’s career is full of ironies: He was born into a nominally Jewish family, yet spent much of his career writing music for the Lutheran Church. While most composers of his day had forsaken writing music for the church, the list of Mendelssohn’s church music is both long and lovely. He was a leading figure in the age of German Romanticism, yet was the key figure in rescuing J. S. Bach’s music from oblivion. While many great musicians of his age sought to free themselves from Christianity, Mendelssohn retained a warm biblical piety.