The Eisner Guitar Collection

All Strings Attached    The Eisner Guitar Collection
Photography by Jay Filter
July 20 – September 2, 2017

Opening Reception: August 11, 2017, 5:30-8:00pm


Michael Ware

Michael Ware    Traversing the Transformed
(May 14 – July 8, 2017)

Michael Ware focuses on the tremendous forces that shape the landscape, concentrating primarily on the geologic transformations that occur in the natural world. Rather than an actual depiction, Michael’s sculptures suggest the essence of transformation—the movement, energy, and life.

Nirmal Raja & Leslie Vansen    Accumulation
(March 12 – May 6, 2017)

Accumulation is a mixed media exhibition featuring current and recent works by Nirmal Raja and Leslie Vansen. This show has evolved from their shared interest in accumulation and complexity, and investigates their understanding of the present moment.

Karri Jamison    Whimsical Nature
(January 15 – March 4, 2017)

Karri Jamison is the 2015 Wilson Center Hidden River Art Festival Best in Show award winner. Her current series of paintings feature the birds and woodlands of the Midwest.

EXHIBIT SPONSOR • Lois Clementi and Karleen Haberichter

Tyler Meuninck    The Harbor Estuary
(November 13, 2016 – January 7, 2017)

Tyler Meuninck creates paintings of overlooked, regional panoramas of cityscapes in transit from Milwaukee to neighboring locations and states. The series is sourced from a visual journal of photographs and drawings, and includes modern candid and traditional painting configurations. Each work is infused with a curiosity and appreciation for the industry, community and landscape surrounding Lake Michigan.

Michael Borowski    Home Reports
(September 11 – November 5, 2016)

In Home Reports, Michael Borowski digitally collages material from recent data reports, published by IKEA, on household rituals across eight global cities. The resulting digital images disrupt ideal representations of home in advertising, abstracting the photographic space with strips of color and pattern, and highlighting poignant gestures.