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Frank Ferrante in An Afternoon with Groucho

Frank Ferrante in An Afternoon with Groucho

Award-winning actor/director/playwright Frank Ferrante recreates his PBS-, New York-, and London-acclaimed portrayal of legendary comedian Groucho Marx in this fast-paced 90 minutes of hilarity. The two-act comedy consists of the best Groucho one-liners, anecdotes, and songs, including “Hooray For Captain Spalding” and “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady.” The audience literally becomes part of the show as Ferrante ad-libs his way throughout the performance in grand Groucho style. 

Accompanied by his onstage pianist, Ferrante portrays the young Groucho of stage and film and reacquaints us with the likes of brothers Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, and Gummo; Charlie Chaplin; W.C. Fields; Greta Garbo; Marx foil Margaret Dumont; and MGM’s Louis B. Mayer. A show perfect for all ages! 

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