• The Children’s Area location is at the end of The William and Sandra Haack Promenade, which starts at the front doors of the Wilson Center and ends near an existing set of play structures. We are looking for a piece that is sonic and/or kinetic that appeals to children and encourages them to learn. It MUST be able to withstand being crawled upon, touched or used and should actually encourage these uses.

  • The Outdoor Theatre location is part of our Gerlach/Haack Oudoor Theater, which is used for our Starry Nights Series of free outdoor concerts, as well as for educational arts camps throughout the summer. It is also viewable from inside our building all year long through the windows of our frequently used Dawes Studio Theatre. The site sits on a 6 foot high berm, along a well-traveled hiking and biking trail. We have a preference for an interactive or kinetic sculpture for this location.

Click here to download an ArtsPark Master Site Plan.

ArtsPark • Children's Area Sculpture Location

ArtsPark • Outdoor Theatre Sculpture Location