$25,000 +
Butler Tool Incorporated
Lynn Chappy
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Jeff and Cynthia Harris
Potawatomi Hotel and Casino
Kate and Don Wilson

$10,000 - $24,999
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baumgartner
Elizabeth C. Bradley Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bryant
Einhorn Family Foundation
EnterForce, Inc.
Fields Automotive Group
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  Mary L. Nohl Fund
Sandy and Bill Haack
Tom and Suzanne Hefty
Herzfeld Foundation
Hydrite Chemical Co.
Ted and Mary Kellner
Don and JoAnne Krause
Krause Funeral Homes
Ladish Company Foundation
Philip Loftus
Mary and Carl Strohmaier
United Performing Arts Fund

$5,000 - $9,999
American Transmission Company
Betty and Thomas Arndt
Robert and Amy Arzbaecher
Becker Ritter Funeral Home
BMO Harris
Mr. John Burke III
Mr. and Mrs. John Burke
Bladen and Julia Burns
James and Bobbie Caraway
Lynda and Tom Curl
Barri and David J. Drury
Marty Frank, In Memorium
Godfrey & Kahn
Paul and Renee Griepentrog
Johnson Bank
Craig and Lisa Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Knighton
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kujawa
Sheldon & Marianne Lubar
  Charitable Fund
Drs. Dale and Pat Lye
Maihaugen Foundation
Moore Oil
George and Julie Mosher
MPS Partnership for the Arts
  and Humanities
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.
Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder
  Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Steinhafel
Steinhafels Furniture
Wisconsin Arts Board

$2,500 - $4,999
Arts Midwest
Susan C. Bellehumeur
Duane and Dorothy Bluemke
Boelter SuperStore
Susan Cerletty
Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
Elmbrook Rotary Club
Dan and Sherry Finley
First Bank Financial Centre
Mr. and Ms. Chris Foley
Fotsch Family Foundation
Ms. Laura Gralton
Mr. Emery Harlan
Brett and Jen Healy
Heil Family Foundation
Johnson Controls Foundation
David and Mel Johnson
Michael and Martha Klinker
Wayne and Deb Larsen
Roger and Rachel Lyon
Janice & Raymond Perry
  Community Fund
Ms. Lori Rolfson
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Styza
Dick and Liz Uihlein
U.S. Bank Foundation
Jan Wade
We Energies

$1,000 - $2,499
Don Albinger and Holly Roge
Terry and Nancy Anderson
Mr. and  Mrs. Patrick and
  Stacie Andritsch
Nancy Balcer
Greater Milwaukee Foundation's James
  S. Berkes and Mary Beth Pieprzyca
  Berkes Fund
Kate Bloomberg
Chuck and Tommie Bohl
Mr. John Brandser Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E.A. "Dub" Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryson
Mrs. Elaine Burke
Jose A. Carlino
Mr. Nicholas Chuminatto
Sue and Curt Culver
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deeken
Dr. David and Jensy Engle
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fotsch
Four-Four Foundation
Jim and Stacey Gannon
Mr. Robert Garvin
Lloyd Gerlach
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Gibson
Ms. Mary Lou Gillstrom
Green Bay Packers Foundation
Margaret and Wayne Hader
Tom and Wendy Halloran of Halloran
  Law Offices
Dr. Kathy and Mr. Paul Hartke
Ms. Katherine Hauser
Jackie and Don Hinkle
Mike and Patrice Hofbauer
John T. and Suzanne S. Jacobus
  Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jorgensen
Kalmbach Publishing
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Tracey Klein
Greg Krieger and Judith Hyde Krieger
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kritzik
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kuhn
Glenn and Bernadyne Langer
Ms. Katherine Luck
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mandel
Carrie and Paul Matteson
Mike and Ginny McBride
Bob and Ann McCormick
Erik and Carol Moeser
Geoff and Agnes O'Connor
Ralph and Carolyn Patitucci
Mark Poker
Dr. and Mrs. Kailas J. Rao
John Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Schauer
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Schmeling
Richard and Carlile Schneider
Scottsfree Salon
John Shiely
Vince Shiely
John and Karen Silseth
Ms. Joan Skimmons and
  Mr. John Miota
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Slocum
Ms. Nita Soref
Lynn Sprangers and Mike Gousha
Michael and Elizabeth Stanley
Mr. Gary Steinhafel
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Debra Sugiyama
Summerfest Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Syrjanen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Teerlink
Kent and Marna Tess-Mattner
Roy and Sandra Uelner
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wnuk                 

$500 - $999
Helen and Bruce Ambuel
Jeff and Janine Bamberger
Ms. Kimberley Banach
Carol and Richard Bayerlein
Ron and Mary Beckman
Mr. Steven Berndt and Ms. Barbara
  Tewes Berndt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bloom
Bob and Hanna Nevins Family Fund
Jim and Ellen Boland
Charlotte Bootz
Cheryl and Mark Brickman
Richard J. Brunner
Mr. and Mrs. John Busse
Kathleen R. Cavallo
Monica Cerletty
Robert L. Corcoran
Pat and Phil Crump
Mr. Mark Davis
James H. and Marilyn J. DeWees
Andrew and Kimberly Dodd
Scott and Nanette Dryburgh
Mr. Brian Engen
Nancie J. Flaxmann
Darrell and Sally Foell
Mr. Robert Garvin
Joe and Nancy Geenen
GE Foundation
Gretchen and Andrew Dawes Trust
Greg and Gail Fream
Carol Haack
Olaf and Ruth Harken
James A. and Peggy F. Karpowicz
John and Mardi Kemp
Kohl Charities
Jack and Kathie Koehler
Rick and Cindy Kollauf
John C. and Darlene J. Kraft
Len and Pat Kreil
Dr. Michael Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Larsen
Lynn and Mary Jane Laufenberg
Eugene and Gwen Lavin
Mary McCarragher
Joni and Joe McDevitt
George and Sallie Meyer
The Howard and Sara Miller
  Charitable Fund
Mr. Mark Mone
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Moretti
Eric and Sue Muehl
William J. Murgas
Ms. Jeanie Olander
Mr. Edward Olson and Mrs. Linda
William and Challa Patchett
Barbara Peters
Kristin Piotrowski
Patti and Jim Quinn
Dick and Peggy Raney
Mr. Harry W. Reinke
Steve and Shelagh Roell
Mr. and Mrs. David Schuelke
Bob and Connie Schwaab
Sarah Smith and Matthew Pancheri
Mr. and Mrs. James Spaltholz
Stella's Attic
Mr. and Mrs. Jude Werra
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Wilken
Dick and Jan Whittow
Elizabeth Williams
Dr. and Mrs. John Zandt
Jessica and Matt Zeratsky

$250 - $499
John H. Allen
Ms. Becky Bathke
Ms. Roxanne Baumann
Ms. Kathryn Bennett
Richard and Gloria Bergman
Deb and John Bialozynski
Biloba Brewing Company
Ms. Jenny Boehlke
Bob Borch and Linda Wickstrom
Dr. Doug Bower and Ms. Josie Cusma
Charles Braley
Dr. and Mrs. Gerardo Caballero
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casper
Ken and Sheila Champa
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chang
Steve and Sue Chevalier
Ms. Lois Clementi
Mrs. and Mr. Daniel Corry
Martha and Richard Davis
Mitzi Dearborn and Ernest May
Luca Dellomodarme
Robert and Lisa Dietz
Drs. Peter Drescher and Karin
  Madsen Drescher
Laura Durso
Susan Edwards
Holly Falik and Steven Kay
Ron and Bea Foster
Vicki Fries
Mr. and Mrs. William Goldammer
Debbie and Jeff Granger
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Gryniewicz
Karleen B. Haberichter
Mike and Jennifer Hansen
Dr. Charles and Jean Holmburg
Mr. and  Mrs. Lyle Husar
Barry and Thelma James
Mr. Jake Jorgensen
Kathleen Muldowney and Jeff Kalenak
Sen. and Mrs. Theodore Kanavas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kazmierski
James and Bonnie Klamik
Raymond and Anne Kloss
Mrs. Lisa Koehler
Ms. Candice Koehn
Bill Kolstad and Ann Harvancik
Mr. and Mrs. David Krutz
Mr. Steven Kulick
Susan L. Kurtz
Bruce and Vivian Kuss
Mr. Richard Taylor and Ms. Lynn Lucius
Mr. John T. McGivern
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Misgen
Dr. Arthur Moats
Joel and Donna Nettesheim
Ms. Marge Ostrander
Toni Palmer
Jim and Lisa Pekar
Kenneth Price
Paul Rahm
Larry and Kathi Rambo
Scott and Mary Ellen Stanek
Peter and Beth Stillmank
Mr. Gary Vroman
Neal and Cathy Wegner
Dick and Jan Whittow
Janet A. Wintersberger
Chris and Cathy Zibart

$125 - $249
Dennis Abere
Ronald and Regina Antonie
Don and Pat Bardonner
Ms. Kimber Bartosiak
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Boffeli
Carolyn S. Bolton
Brett and Eva Boneck
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Boneck
Mr. Brian Bullock and
  Ms. Christy Brown
Mr. Philip Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Casperson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Christie
Sue Dinsmoor
John and Margot Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. John Emory
Yvonne and Bill Frink
Carole and Adam Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gmur
Wilfred and Dianne Gouge
Jo and Ralph Gould
Bob and Pat Haukohl
Heritage Place Brookfield
Gerald and Monica Hestekin
Vern and Jane Hetzel
John and Virginia Horning
Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jaeger
Mr. Ryan Jaeger
James and Lauren Kennedy
Paul and Tammy Knowles
Ms. Andrea H. Koehnlein
Art and Gerri Krysiak
Thomas and Patricia Kwak
Dr. and Mrs. William Listwan
Barbara Lodde
Mr. Curtis MacDonald
Dr. James and Gail Mahoney
Judie Mantel
Tom and Jennifer McClure
Carolyn F. Megal
Mr. and Mrs. Nikola Mladenovic
Mr. Richard Murdock
Ann and Bruce Nattinger
Clay and Donna Nesler
William and Dorothy Newman
Bob and Kathy Norton
Mary Owen
Thomas and Elaine Pagedas
Jill and Jerry Polacheck
Mrs. Barbara D. Recht
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Rhomberg
David and Karyn Roelke
Jane Schiro
D. Schmelzer
Mr. and Mrs. David Schneider
Mrs. Vicki Schroeder
Robert Scott
John and Megan Susko
Ms. Joanna Thompson
Mark and Jackie Thurner
Ms. Lara Totzke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Van Eerden Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Van Winkle
Ms. Janet Waldron
Paul and Patricia Wickert
Doug and Camille Wildes
Mr. Dennis Hood and Ms. Christine
Ken and Anne Winkle
Mr. Joseph Zgonc


This spring an extraordinary group of community members created a $35,000 fundraising challenge. We gratefully acknowledge the donors who raised more than $70,000 for this challenge.

Mr. John Burke III
James and Bobbie Caraway
Marty Frank, In Memorium
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kujawa
George and Julie Mosher
Mary and Carl Strohmaier
Kate and Don Wilson

The following individuals and organizations generously met the New Donor Matching Gift Challenge. Thank you for your support!

Jennie Aiello
Amazon Smile
ANR Tree Farm
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andrae
Associated Bank
Avid Risk Solutions
George Bailey
Bernie's Fine Meats
Ms. Dolores Blust
Roger W. Byhardt, MD
Lewis and Susan Cadkin
Bonnie Caravella
Phillip and Susan Caruso
Cincinnati Insurance Company
John and Gerri Cooper
Ms. Marilyn Corlew
Jerry and Cheryl Coutley
Terri Danola
DeWitt Ross & Stevens
Jacquelyn Dinusson
Anne Duchelle
John Fischer
Joe Fisco
David Fitzpatrick
Mark Foote
Mr. and Mrs. David Frank
Matthew and Tracey Fricker
Daniel R. Furdek
Patricia Ann Gardner
Ms. Julie Gerber
Ms. Gretchen J. Gill
Giuffre Bros. Cranes, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gosenheimer
Greater Milwaukee Foundation's
  2016 Kirkpatrick Award in Honor
  of Gary Jorgensen
Greg and Judy Griffin
Hair Essence Design Studio
Ms. Sybille Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. David Harvey
Ms. Nancy Hodges
Mr. Jim Hoffman
Holz Motors
Katie Ide
Matthew Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Janssen
Jasperson Sod Service
Steve Karolek
Kay Cee Charitable Trust
Pam Knoll
Mr. Henry Koc
Kolaga Family Charitable Trust
Andrew David Kriete
Kenneth and Mary Jo Lange
Mr. Michael Lendobeja
Diana M. Lucchesi
Amy Mahloch
Kathryn Martin
Master Z's
Phillip Megal
Judy and Charles Mulcahy
Joseph A. and Sherry Nutt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ott
Mr. and Mrs. John Owen
Patricia A. Peters
Petros Properties LLC
Candy and Bruce Pindyck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powers
Ms. Karyl A. Preston
Reliant Ribbon Corp
Rick and Debby Rollo
Joshua Scheibe
Patti Schimmel
Ms. Ellie Schwark
Vicky Shokatz
Judy and Frank Siebrecht
Ms. Margaret Slez
Sally Soderberg
Skyline Catering Inc.
Larry Smith
Frank and Alaine Souk
Spellman Trailers, Inc.
Ms. Lynn Sprangers and
  Mr. Michael Gousha
Matthew M. Stano
Jennifer and Edward Straszewski
Summerfest Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Tackes
Nicole Taylor
Tempo Waukesha
Eric Tillich
Gerard Toohey
Dan Trawicki
Tri-State Equipment Company, Inc.
David and Julia Uihlein Charitable
Donald and Jeanne Verbsky
Mr. Ron Vincent Jr.
Ms. Alice Weaver
Alberta Whitaker
Whole Foods
Barbara and Bruce Wilson
Dawn Wollenzien, in honor of
  Barb and Fred Syrjanen
James Young
Adria Zuccaro

Many companies match employee and retiree contributions. These companies provided matching gift support in 2016-2017:

American Transmission Company
Ameriprise Financial
Associated Bank
GE Foundation
IBM Matching Grant Program
Johnson Controls Foundation
Pieper Electric/PieperPower Foundation
WE Energies