PLOCH ART GALLERY TOUR                                                                         

The Ploch Art Gallery offers approximately seven different exhibits each year, showcasing Wisconsin artists. A variety of art is housed in the Gallery: from paintings to sculptures to photography and more. For docent-led tours, students will be guided through an in-depth tour of the artist’s work and hear insights about the artist and his/her creative process. 

Cost: $50/per group (up to 30 students)

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PERMANENT ART COLLECTION                                                                      

The Wilson Center is home to a number of different permanent pieces of art both in the Center and on the grounds surrounding the Center, from sculpture, photography, painting, and even art in the bathrooms! For docent-led tours, students will have the opportunity to hear how pieces were created and integrated into the building’s design.

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

EDRIE MARTIN PAGE ART STUDIO SESSION                                                 

Be an artist in our very own art studio! Your artists will be able to experience a variety of art-making tools. This hands-on session will inspire students to continue to create art both at home and at school. 

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

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BRYANT DANCE STUDIO SESSION                                                       

Mirror and barres will make your class feel like Misty Copelands, Mikhail Baryshnikovs, or even disco stars! Trying a new art takes great risk, but even students who have never experienced dance will discover an appreciation for dance/movement that could lead to a new lifelong interest. To assist students in making important connections between the arts, a session theme can be developed. There will be time for a choreographed mini-dance, as well as an opportunity for creative movement.

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

ARTS INTEGRATION SESSION                        

Our teaching artists are happy to work with you on building bridges between your classroom and the arts. The possibilities are endless. Your students will discover how the arts can be used as a tool to learn. Your parents and teachers will love the deep understanding each child develops as a result of weaving the arts with academics!

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

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THE HARRIS THEATER TOUR                                    

Great artists such as the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, The Pointer Sisters, and great Broadway stars have graced our stage. Get a unique behind-the-scenes tour of our 619-seat theater and the Jorgensen Stage at the Wilson Center. Your students will get to experience what it is like to be a performer on a large stage! For docent-led tours, students will also have the opportunity to learn more about the unique art installation created by artist Steven Foren.

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

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WILSON CENTER TOUR                                  

This complete tour includes The Harris Theater, Dawes Studio Theater, the Lynn Chappy Arts Education Wing, and the Ploch Art Gallery. You and your students will also be able to venture outside and see the beautiful nature grounds, including the Strohmaier Botanical Gardens and Gerlach/Haack Outdoor Theater. For docent-led tours, students will have the opportunity to hear about the many pieces of art that were created and integrated into the design of the building and grounds.

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)

CAREERS IN THE ARTS TOUR & PANEL                                          

Get a special tour of the Center that is very behind the scenes. Students will learn about the different departments that make the Wilson Center tick–including development, marketing, and technical crew–and discover there are a variety of careers in the arts! The tour will end with a panel discussion and Q&A session with Wilson Center employees.

Cost$50/per group (up to 30 students)